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The quality of our products in what really helps us in staying ahead of our competitors. Penta Modular is a brand new offering from Penta, India’s first piano switch. Carrying the trust of unparalleled safety, Penta Modular comes with a bold yet brilliant aesthetic appeal.

We know what the brand Penta means to the Indian market and our team is always working tirelessly to launch new models at frequent intervals, so we can keep up with the taste of the ever-evolving Indian switch market. Here’re a few of the products which we have launched recently.


Ziva is a series of modular switches, sockets and accessories designed at an economic price range. Series is designed for long operational life & the switches are quality approved to 1 Lakh Operations. Raise the beauty of your homes by leaps and bounds with slim and sleek design plates which can be placed both horizontally and vertically , according to your choice.

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